Our aim is to work towards transformation of our society into an all-inclusive society where all people, specially those with disability, are accepted and respected, irrespective of caste, creed, race and colour.


  • To extend services in the field of education, training and rehabilitation of all categories of the disabled.
  • To take up community-based rehabilitation services for the disabled.
  • To concentrate in the areas of education, with a special focus on education related to mental retardation, impairment of speech, hearing and vision, and any other kind of disability.
  • To take up training programmes for professionals in the field of disability.
  • To establish physiotherapy centres and rehabilitation centres for the disabled.
  • To take up programmes towards prevention and intervention of disability.
  • To provide local aids and equipments for the disabled.
  • To start institutions, pre-schools, schools, colleges, training centres in the interest of the public, very specially in the interest of the disabled.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops and awareness programmes in the field of disability in various special schools and colleges (for students and teachers).
  • To conduct free paramedical camps in different cities, towns and villages.


Your valuable donations will help us extend our services to a large number of differently-abled children.